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Matt Cutts’ Latest Post on Guest Blogging is Being Mis-interpreted

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When Matt Cutts speaks, people often hear and misinterpret what he says. While he knows what he is talking about and has a lot of insight to offer, many take his thoughts too far and assume that he means that the games of SEO are changing. While he gives plenty of insight, it is wise to look a little deeper. Recently, Matt Cutts spoke about the role of guest posts on SEO. When hearing this, some assumed that blog posting is now dead. 

Low quality content is out


In the past, many site owners would write a low quality blog posts stuffed with keywords and hope it helped. In fact, it did help as Goggle did not have the resources or knowledge on how to stop this practice. However, this has been dead for a long time, and a site owner who wants to take advantage of blog posts cannot simply use an article spinner or a low quality writer who will regurgitate the same tried and true statements over and over. No, instead, what Matt Cutts meant is people need to write higher quality blog posts offering true value to the reader. Not only that, when reading the content, a visitor should not come across the same keyword used in excess. With high quality posts offering value, one will not feel the wrath of Google. Of course, in the future, this will only increase in importance as Google is developing ways to spot low quality content before giving it any credence.

Low quality sites are out

At the same time, when guest post blogging, people used to approach dozens of bloggers and site owners. While this was a way to get exposure, it is not a smart plan of attack. No, when finding a site, a blogger should really check it out and ensure that it works for his or her situation. Gone are the days of spamming a site with a blog post. No, when choosing a guest post blogging location, a site owner must choose wisely and find one offering high quality posts and content. To do this, you should head to the blog and read the existing content. When doing so, you should ask yourself if the site offers value. With this simple test, you can make sure that the site owner has a legitimate business on his or her hands. It should go without saying, you should not pay to guest post blog as this is an obvious way to tell that the site owner wants to make money and cares little for his or her customers. Remember, guest post blogging is natural, and you should strive to provide true value to readers who are visiting a well-liked and decent site offering value to readers.

Heavy link usage is not smart


As mentioned, there are a lot of things people do to hurt their SEO standing. One such technique that people used to try is to insert multiple links in their guest post blog. While it is okay to offer pertinent and interesting links, it is wise to keep it to a minimum. For example, when writing a thousand word post, you should only have a few links. Otherwise, Google, Bing and Yahoo will take notice, and likely think your posts are not offering true value. At the same time, you should not fear placing relevant and interesting links within your content. You just must remain cautious and take it easy by only placing ones in your content that are related to the discussion at hand. One must understand that links are okay in blogs, but it is not the first reason a person should make a post. Rather, one should place them naturally in the content as a way to give a reader more information on a given subject.

Unique content

When looking at content, Google can search the Internet to make sure it is unique. Often, when this is not the case, the leading search giant will punish the site owner and devalue the article or post. When this happens, a person will waste his or her time blogging. To combat this, if you do engage in heavy guest post blogging, you should try to verify the uniqueness of your post. Otherwise, you will not only waste your time, you will see your site plummet in the rankings. Without a doubt, this is a huge reason why many fail to gain traction with their blog posts as they do not want to write multiple articles with different phrases, keywords and information.

Slow down

slow down

Without a doubt, when using a guest post blog, a writer can reach his or her desired audience quickly. While this is true, it is wise to take a slow and steady approach. Not only should ab logger concentrate on other matters, he or she should not introduce new posts too quickly. For starters, when Google notices a person posting multiple times a week, it twill think that the writer is spamming the Internet. This is obviously not good and will hurt the value of the posts. Not only that, when you spend your entire marketing and blogging time writing guest posts blogs, your quality of writing will naturally fall. So remember, while some think they should stop guest posting, this is not the case. No, you should opt for a slower approach.


As has always been the case, you must engage your readers and give them something to come back to time and time again. With this, you should not worry about what Matt Cutts says; with algorithm changes, every time, people will get scared and think the Internet is changing, and they will lose their rankings. This could not be further from the true. No, when you provide quality, interesting, relevant and unique content, you will not have to worry about your rankings. In fact, when doing this, you should solidify your spot on Google and start your slow and steady ascent to the top. Since so many people will still continue to try old methods that worked in years past, a smart blogger can benefit every time Google makes simple changes. For this reason, you should always engage with your followers and listen to their thoughts, ideas and criticism. To do this, a blogger should remember to allow comments and respond to them as soon as possible. With this, you can avoid the problems many face when guest post blogging all over the Web.

You should not fear the constant changing of the algorithms and rules that Google has in place. No, instead, when you have a solid and well-thought-out campaign, you can see your traffic increase. To do this, you should read between the lines. While Matt Cutts provides valuable and interesting information, a smart guest post blogger should know what he means. Simply put, when you want to place your content on the Web, you should exercise some restraint. By posting on high quality and relevant sites, you can excite your readers and avoid the wrath of Google. At the same time, when you write quality and engaging content, your readers are sure to return, and Google will take notice and is likely to reward your blog and website with higher organic rankings.

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