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Matt Cutts Is Starting to Crack Down on Low Quality Guest Blog Posts

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On the Internet, content is king. This is now truer than ever as people cannot run out and buy hundreds of low quality links to get to the top of Google. In the past, to respond to this, people would write low quality blog posts and Web content and post it all over the Internet. This was effective for a while as Google valued blog posts and keyword-rich content.

However, times are quickly changing, and anyone in the SEO game should understand that low quality blog posts are not the answer anymore as Google employee Matt Cutts recently said. While this should not scare a site owner, it should compel one to take a deep look at his or her own strategy.

Here are a few things for a guest post blogger to consider before going further with his or her blogging strategy.

Tackling Spammy Guest Blog Networks

articleimage501ackling Spammy Guest Blog Networks

As mentioned, Google is, and has been for a while, cracking down on low quality content. Now, most people may not know what constitutes a high quality post. However, it is simple. When writing an article or blog post, a person should do a few things. Number one, a writer should provide quality to the reader. Meaning, when a person finds the blog post, they will get something out of their time spent reading it.

Secondly, while it is tempting to overuse phrases and keywords, one should avoid this and, instead, opt for a more natural-sounding approach. When this happens, the reader will enjoy the content more, and Google will not mark the page as spam. Finally, while it is not as important as the other reasons, an experienced blogger should concentrate on keeping his or her posts as grammatically correct as possible. Without a doubt, when keeping the quality high, one will go a long way in avoiding issues in the first place.

Sloppy, Stitched, or Duplicate Content

articleimage501Sloppy, Stitched, or Duplicate Content

Nothing will kill an SEO plan like duplicate content. While tempting, it is not wise for a person to guest post blog at dozens of sites. If a blogger does this, he or she must write unique posts for each site. To understand this further, one must understand that, at minimum, Google and other search engines will ignore the duplicate posts.

Sadly, this is usually not the case, and a site owner who uses duplicate content will usually have a hard time gaining traction in the search ranking results. Instead, a writer should try to tone down his or her projects and concentrate on providing truly unique work as this will allow him or her to provide great content without sounding boring or repetitive.

Form Genuine Relationships

The entire point of guest post blogging is for community members to share their ideas, thoughts and feelings on a given subject. This is a great idea as it is useful for the blogger, site owner, and above all else, the readers. In fact, when a guest post blogger provides interesting and useful content, he or she will make readers very happy.

For this reason, when looking to guest post blog without hurting SEO efforts, one must concentrate on fostering a healthy and practical working relationship with another site or blog owner. One should, first, revisit their current blogging partnerships to understand if they get value out of the experience. To do this, a blogger should visit the site and read other articles and blog posts, in detail. Furthermore, a guest post blogger should make sure that the blog is in a relevant category. For example, when posting about bikes, one should do so on a site related to cycling, fitness or the outdoors. Otherwise, Google will, in due time, take notice and possibly penalize the site severely.

Just as importantly, one should make sure that the site provides useful information and does not spam its users. If the site provides true value, a guest post blogger should not worry about running afoul of any issues. So remember, when looking for new guest post blogging opportunities, one should try to find sites that offer value and are in the same industry.

Sample Links

When making a guest post blog, a lot of people try to drop in a link to their site. This is a wise step to take as it will help one gain in the SEO rankings. Sadly, in the past, many would exploit this and place multiple links in a short blog posts. While it is still beneficial to share the URL, it is wise to do so in a tactful manner. Not only that, one should also link to different sites other than their own. One must realize that there is no officially acceptable number; but, suffice to say, when making a 500-1,000 word blog post, one should only link to their site once or twice. Otherwise, Google will assume that the blogger is trying to game the system.

Which Sites Are Being Targeted?

articleimage501Which Sites Are Being Targeted

Now, when Matt Cutts speaks of guest post blogging problems, he is mainly speaking about people who spam the Internet with their uninteresting and irreverent or downright boring content. To avoid this problem, a guest post blogger should try for a natural approach. One must think about this a little more deeply. In reality, most bloggers will not want to guest post blog too often. When doing so, not only will a blogger start writing poorly, but he or she will also hurt their cause. Instead, especially when starting out, one should take a systematic approach and opt to post once or twice a week. With this simple step, an article or blog post will not appear to be content written by a machine.

Engage Your Readers

One way to avoid the wrath of Google is to engage with the audience. With a comments section, one can further discuss the issue and place even more links to the website. This is also beneficial since, when reading the comments, one can determine if they wrote a quality blog post or if people had no interest in the idea. At the same time, while discussing the post with readers, one should also encourage them to share the idea and link with other potential followers. This will help in two ways. For starters, the blog post will enjoy a temporary rise in followers. Secondly, and more importantly, when sharing the blog post link, Google will take notice and realize that the posts are of high quality. Simply put, when shared all over the Internet, a blog post will look legitimate, and Google will not devalue the content and hurt the SEO efforts of the guest post blogger.

The Internet and SEO game are both ever-changing things that one must follow closely and adapt. When doing so, a site owner will not see his or her website fall to the back pages of Google. One way to stay on top of the game is to understand future changes. For this reason, while a blogger should not fear guest post blogging, he or she must remember to provide quality content. At the same time, one must choose their relationships carefully as a guest post blog on a high quality site will help efforts further. With these things in mind, one will have no problem succeeding in the future and avoiding the wrath of Google.

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1 Comment

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    The Cold Apple

    Good article. I do not think guest blogging is dead by any means. Google will never be able to do this because they guest blog themselves. Seo.moz has gust bloggers everyday. What Matt Cutts is cracking down on is gloried article directories, which are no better than Ezine or Articlebase, disguised as “real blogs.”

    And to be honest, Google has been discounting these links for quite some time…believe me, I know from personal experience. Matt just got around to admitting it. I think he likes to keep us in suspense for a couple months to a year before he finally comes clean about an algorithm change.

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