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Off-Page SEO: 5 Highly Recommended Tactics

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Search engine optimization has two sides: On-page and off-page optimization. As an online marketer, you probably know that these two can have a great impact on your business if done right. By following best practices for both on-page and off-page optimization, you will inch your way to the top of Google’s first page.

Many people remain unsure about which of the two is most important. Experts agree that while neither should be taken for granted, and you should put in the required amount of effort for both, off-page optimization is currently the more valuable.

That’s because off-page optimization is how the search engines determine the value and importance given to your site by others. So how do you get off-page optimization right?

1. Boost your inbound link quality

Back in the early days of SEO, quantity was the name of the optimization game. The more links that pointed to your site, the better and faster you ranked in Google. For a good long time, that was the perceived result, and therefore it was everybody’s goal.

But today, quality plays a larger role and has become more important than the total number of links that point to your site.

The pages that link back to your site should have high authority and a strong reputation. They should be highly credible and enjoy a significant amount of traffic.

Finally, they should be extremely relevant to the niche occupied by your own blog, and, ideally, they should have a higher pagerank than yours.

2. Change up keywords in inbound links

How you use your keywords in your off-page optimization activities will determine how well you rank in search. Before the era of Penguin, SEOs heavily used keywords, especially exact-match keywords, as anchor texts that pointed to their sites.

That situation has changed more recently, however. Now Google regards the heavy use of exact-match keywords for anchor texts as spam. Thus, you’re bound to get into trouble if you keep doing following this approach.

That isn’t to say you should stop using exact-match keywords altogether. What Google wants every online marketer to do is to adopt variations in keyword usage. Instead of using your exact-match keywords exclusively, change it up by substituting related terms on a regular basis. This will raise not only your ranking in search, but also your credibility.

3. Take advantage of opportunities to do guest posting

One of the sure-fire ways to increase your ranking and raise your online credibility is to get actively involved in guest posting. If you do this, you will get opportunities to showcase your expertise while enjoying a chance to post links to your homepage on other bloggers’ sites at the same time. This provides you with high-quality traffic, as well as some of that much-needed boost in SEO.

4. Comment on other blogs

Unfortunately, blog commenting has been badly abused by some folks. This has led to a downgrade of a once highly productive SEO activity.

But that doesn’t mean you have to go cold turkey on blog commenting. As long as you are commenting on a relevant blog, and your comments are likely to enhance the conversation and provide value to readers, go ahead and do it.

You can include links to your own site if your destination expands on your comments in a way that is likely to appeal to visitors.

5. Harness the power of online video

Video enhances your message. If you do it right, you’ll not only gain massive traffic to your site, but enjoy favorable ranking in Google.

If you decide to produce videos for your off-page optimization campaign, start a personal YouTube channel and post your material there. YouTube gets billions of daily views; millions of people all over the planet are looking constantly for videos on all kinds of topics.

One of the great things about YouTube is that it allows you to post naked URLs that link to your site. You can also optimize your video to include keywords in titles, descriptions, and tags.


There are other off-page SEO tactics that are worth mentioning, but the ones described above are among the most effective ways to create a legitimate network of off-page links guaranteed to give your site an SEO boost.

For more information on effective off-page optimization for your site, contact us for a free site assessment.

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