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Online Article Marketing for Beginners

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Article marketing is still a bread-and-butter strategy for many online businesses. Newbie online marketers will also find article marketing a great method for launching their online operations.

If you are new to article marketing, there are two major considerations you need to be aware of: your article must be optimized for search, and it must carry great appeal for your readers.

So let’s get right down to business and explore some of the effective ways to write successful articles that will help launch your online business.

Audience first, search engines last
Many beginners assume the surest way to succeed online is by tackling the technical aspects of online marketing first; that is to say, they start out writing with an eye on the search engines. This is actually a big mistake, especially these days when the Penguin has a sharp eye peeled for spam.

When you set out to write an article with a marketing slant, focus on the value that will appeal directly to your intended readers. Before composing a piece, ask yourself: “Is this going to be extremely useful to my target audience?”

Keep your energy pointed at the value that you can deliver. If you suspect there isn’t sufficient value in what you’re composing, if the potential usefulness of your article isn’t very clear, then it’s not worth writing at all.

Write naturally and don’t sweat it
Once they’ve identified a viable topic, newbie writers often find themselves struggling to create solid content. Some fall victim to writer’s block, a perennial problem that plagues even the most seasoned bloggers.

Don’t get overly concerned about how your article will take shape. Just start writing and recognize that you can rework it later for improvements and additional inputs.

For more information on effective content writing, click here.

Don’t rush it; let your creativity flow naturally
Creativity sometimes hits people over time, not instantaneously. A creative idea may strike — or grow — when we least expect it. Some of us get our great ideas in the shower; others get inspired while driving, or require a few moments’ worth of daydreaming.

Don’t rush things. Try to work on one small writing project at a time. Sleep on it to allow creative ideas to germinate. You can add them later as they come to you.

Test your finished articles to see how they flow
Here’s a great tip for writing articles: After you finish a draft, let it sit for a while. Then get back to it and read it aloud. This allows you to recruit your auditory senses to help you spot issues you might have missed while you were composing. Keep on reading your article out loud to identify more issues until you are satisfied that it all flows smoothly.

When you are satisfied that your piece is ready for prime time, then and only then is it time to optimize it for search. The following are SEO best practices you should follow to get your articles more readership through organic search.

Use Google AdWords Keyword Tool or another free keyword service
Now that your article is solid, it’s time to put in some keywords so it will be fully optimized for search. Use the topic of your article as your keyphrase for your keyword research with Google AdWords Keyword Tool. The reason I recommend this tool is that, while it’s free, it offers some very good information related to keywords.

When choosing a keyword, pick one that is right for your article. Choose just one or two keywords — one as your main keyword, the other as the secondary keyword. The keywords you use should generate enough search volume, but with as little competition as you can manage.

For more information on using Google AdWords Keyword tool for keyword research, click here.

And for more information on keyword-optimizing articles and blog posts, click here.

Remember Google Penguin
Be sure to add keywords in such a way that they read naturally. Avoid getting dinged for spamming by making sure you don’t overly optimize your article with exact-match keywords. When using keywords, be sure to vary their use by employing a selection of related terms, rather than using exact-match keyphrases throughout the piece.

Focus on talking to your audience
Speak to your audience. Appeal to them in such a way that they are likely to feel you have their issues in mind. If you are focusing on just one issue in your article, try to use the language your intended audience is using. Are you talking about home improvement? What sort of problems are common among homeowners? Can you empathize with them because you sort of feel their worries, too?

Remember, when writing an article, especially one that solves a problem, try to write as though you’ve already experienced your target audience’s predicaments. That’s why articles written from experience are so often the most powerful.

Include a resource box with a brief bio
The resource box should inform your audience about you and point them to additional information. For articles to be submitted to article directories such as, include a link that directs readers to your main site, where interested readers can find additional information. Keep your author bio under 150 words.

A note on linking: Use keywords or your brand as anchor text link. Just be careful to avoid overuse of exact-match keywords as anchor texts.

Submit articles to directories
Article submission is still a viable article marketing tactic. Keep in mind, however, that the best way to submit articles to directories without raising red flags is to submit manually. Also, submit original articles only: no duplicate content.

Prior to submitting to any article directories such as,, or, be sure to familiarize yourself thoroughly with each directory’s rules and guidelines for publishers.

Constantly publishing new and valuable articles can generate tremendous benefits for your website. It will have a positive impact on your rankings as well as your readership. The more high-quality content you publish, the more the search engines and your followers will love you. You will create a positive reputation for yourself — that of a great resource for reliable information.

There you have it: quick and simple tips for beginners to produce online articles.

Include article marketing as part of your marketing efforts on a consistent basis and you will see some significant improvements in search rankings and customer growth.

Want more information on content marketing? Head over to our comprehensive guide on content marketing here: The All-in-One Guide to Planning and Launching a Content Marketing Strategy.

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