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SEO for Beginners and Article Marketing: Checking for Duplicate Content

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articleimage611Checking for Duplicate Content

First, there was Google Panda. Now it’s fiercer. Watch out for Google Penguin! They provide some good reasons why you should pay attention to the tips below on SEO for beginners.

In one of Google’s most recent updates called Penguin, the emphasis shifted even further toward the content’s uniqueness and authority. Any site that hosts duplicate content would get penalized — or the duplicate content could get removed from Google’s index altogether.

But with the billions of contents on Google’s index, figuring out how to check for duplicate content has become a frightening prospect. Every conscientious content marketer needs to figure out how to do this efficiently, or you run the risk of getting your sites badly penalized by Google.

Another very important thing to keep in mind about the need to come up with high-quality and unique content is that copyright laws definitely govern materials that are published online. You’ve got to respect other authors who have sweated and strained to come up with their own original material. For that, they should at least receive attribution.

So how do you make sure that each piece of content you publish online is not only of excellent quality, but equally important, is unique?

There are several tools you can use for free in order to check for duplicate content. (Others offer more sophisticated services for a small fee.)



Google exists not just for finding information by searching for certain keywords. You can also actually use it to check an entire paragraph for duplicate content. Here’s how.

Copy a line, a sentence, a snippet, or an entire paragraph from what you’ve written and paste it into Google’s search box. Copied texts show up in the search results in bold.

So if you’ve searched for a whole paragraph and the search results come up with the entire text you pasted in bold, your copy is probably going to be tagged as a duplicate content if it gets published online.

However, Google cannot process texts that run longer than 500 words. In that case, you’ll want to go through your content paragraph by paragraph to be really thorough and ultimately safe.



For 5 cents per search you can have Copyscape vet an entire piece for you. But if your budget won’t allow that kind of expenditure, you can still use Copyscape for free. The catch with free Copyscape is that you’ll have to publish the content online first to retrieve its URL.

Copy and paste the URL of your newly published content in Copyscape’s search box. What Copyscape does is scan the entire interwebs for any copies of the content you’ve just published.

Copyscape is a reliable tool that many publishers depend on heavily to check for quality and originality. There are other tools very similar to Copyscape that you can use for the same purpose, such as Plagiarism Detect and InterNIC.

Checking for duplicate content is fairly easy and simple. It’s an indispensable SEO task for beginners, but no one should take it for granted. With the right set of tools, you can comfortably ensure that your content is unique well before you publish it online.

And by providing your readers with high-quality and unique content, you will have furnished great value.


Always strive to create original and high-value content, not just to please your audience, but also to get the search engines’ approval. Taking the time to check your content for duplication on the Internet will pay off in the long run because your readers’ trust in your integrity will rise.

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