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Are You at SEO Risk by Only Having One Website?

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Do you ever wonder how some companies seem to consistently dominate the results page of an Internet search? Part of their success has to do with paid advertising, but most of a company’s search engine rankings center on effective website promotion. If you own a business, then you probably spend a good portion of your time promoting your brand and working out ways to generate leads that turn into sales. Search engine optimization or SEO can help you do that more effectively by placing your business ahead of the competition. How do you tap into this resource? Does having more than one website equate to better search engine rankings? There are pros and cons to creating multiple websites, and the following will outline some of the major advantages and drawbacks to stepping outside of the singular website bubble.

Search Engine Ranking

articleimage111Search Engine Ranking

For starters, you probably aren’t at risk by having just one website thanks to the ever-changing technical formulas that Google and other search engines use to determine placement. However, you may be at risk if your website fails to meet certain criteria for originality and relevance. Let’s say you own a boat rental company. Your website promotes your company’s wide selection of brand name vehicles, but a subsequent link takes visitors to irrelevant advertising about low mortgage rates. Google will probably flag your site for being falsely advertorial. In order to correct this oversight, you need to consider the content guidelines and modern SEO tactics.

True Visibility and Marketing

Multiple websites do not automatically increase a company’s presence online. For years, companies assumed that the more websites or micro-sites they had, the greater chance they had of topping the search engines. Even if this tactic worked in the old days, it doesn’t work anymore. True market visibility depends on quality over quantity. Your business actually stands a greater risk of losing its search engine rankings if its websites don’t generate relevant information.

But multiple websites may improve your chances of attracting the right attention from marketing agencies and even customers to a small extent. If you dominate the field in your industry, then you have a better chance of showing up in search results for a specific niche. Niche marketing has long been a guaranteed way to capture certain markets; the trick is to learn how to effectively market your brand in its given niche. Utilizing multiple websites may give you the upper hand depending on the products or services that you’re offering.

Creating Genuine Content

More than any other marketing strategy today, creating relevant and unique content remains the most powerful form of brand building when it comes to SEO. In the early days of online marketing, companies spent too much time adding to their sites fluff pieces stuffed to the brim with keywords. That tactic is insufficient in today’s ever-growing market of tech-savvy consumers. People want to learn about the products they’re buying and the services they’re seeking. It’s not enough to throw together a few paragraphs on yoga for your fitness product site; consumers want applicable guidance on how to use yoga mats and appropriate exercises.

If you’re concerned about the risk posed to your company’s SEO, then you should focus more on creating interesting content than on building multiple websites. Regardless of how many websites you operate, each site needs to contain written content that speaks to the consumer on a deeper level and engages them in your brand. The more interesting the content, the better your search engine rankings will be over time.

Benefits of Multiple Websites


Building multiple websites can benefit a company in terms of SEO if the sites are done correctly and for the right reasons. If you’re trying to circumvent Google by stuffing the results page with multiple sites that only tangentially relate to your business, then you’re heading in the wrong direction. Google and other search engines have developed sophisticated technology for weeding out irrelevant content, and they may even ban sites that try to buck the system.

Instead of trying to outmaneuver search engines, create multiple sites that actually promote your business in a real and relevant way. Multiple websites can increase a company’s online presence, but business owners need to spend some time getting creative with their marketing departments. Make sure that each site you host includes unique and separate information. Each website should have its own look, and visitors should take your sites as authoritative as well as informative. Over time, your sites will rise to the top of search engines if they prove useful to Internet users.

Rewarding a Hard Day’s Work

Are you putting your business at risk by hosting one website instead of several? In reality, the answer to this question depends on your business type and target audience. For example, those who sell home improvement and remodeling services might benefit from utilizing multiple websites. One site could serve as the main hub site for the company, and additional external micro-sites may offer relevant corresponding services such as carpet installation or exterior painting. On the other hand, a lawyer who practices multiple types of law would probably establish credibility better with a singular site describing her business in detail. You need to evaluate the type of business you own to determine whether multiple sites will prove beneficial.

If you decide to focus your energy on one website, there are ways to enhance its SEO. As described above, search engines automatically weed out duplicate content, bad links, keyword stuffing and other indicators of poor SEO tactics. To combat this with a single website, spend some time building a proper website with relevant information and unique content. You’ll draw the benefits of increased search engine performance without wasting time on unproductive secondary sites.

Technical Difficulties


Before you commit to building multiple sites, you need to consider the time and effort commitments involved in doing so. Creating one solid and effective website requires hundreds of hours and continuous updates. Do you have the time, attention and funds to maintain multiple sites? If you own a small business, then you may not have the manpower to accomplish this task. You could end up spending thousands of dollars and hours creating multiple sites that yield little to no return for the effort. If you’re interested in creating different websites, then meet with a marketing executive or SEO professional. They can give you pointers on effective website creation as well as strategies for succeeding in your market. Even if multiple sites could help your business, they can only help if you have the time and energy to regularly maintain them.

Building multiple websites could help your business if you create genuine content that relates to your business and your intended demographic. In the boating rental example, your website linked to an unrelated sales pitch about low mortgage rates. Let’s say that your boat rental company linked instead to a site that you own regarding vacation homes along the coast of your local area. In this case, you’re promoting both businesses effectively because they relate to one another. The sites are separate but share similar attributes, and you own both companies under the same brand. If you hosted all of this information on the same site, then you could be hurting your chances for SEO. Hosting multiple sites with relevant information can have a profound impact on the success of your company.

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