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Why Social Media and Guest Blogging Go Hand in Hand

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Guest blogging has always been a respectable thing for both the guest blogger and the blog they are contributing towards. Matt Cutts, the head of Webspam team of Google, recently made a post saying how guest blogging was practically dead for people who used it to improve their SEO rankings. However, what he failed to mention was the important impact it has on social media. Guest blogging and social media go hand in hand and always will.

For running any business, networking becomes one of the most important things in today’s world. No matter how much you build your blog with quality content, you are doing nothing to establish a niche for yourself in the industry. For guest bloggers and for blogs inviting guest blogging, there could be nothing better than this because it allows them tremendous opportunities to network with popular blogs and industry names. It’s a lot like a book introduction written by a great writer. Often, the introduction is the very thing that makes people want to read the book, it is the best recommendation that they could get.

When your guest blogging links back to your social media profile, you get benefits of various kinds and they are as follows –

Opportunities for Networking

For professionals, networking takes the form of attending networking events of their profession, taking part in industry seminars and conferences, and appearing in important events affecting their industry. When internet is concerned, this role is taken by guest blogging. Guest blogging helps you get noticed because suddenly, you are on the recommended list. Just being active on sites like LinkedIn isn’t enough anymore because you have to make sure that there are people in the industry who read your opinions.

SEO Opportunities

Even after Matt Cutts’ statement which primarily focuses on those people who misuse guest blogging, it is still a great avenue for improving your rankings. According to experts, in the competitive online world, there are 3 factors that can help in influencing your rankings –

  • Top quality content;
  • Great presence in the social media; and
  • Authority backlinks.

With guest blogging, you would be satisfying 2 out of the above 3 requirements. In fact, it impacts the third item (social media presence) more than the others now. When a guess blogger is invited to a blog, they not only bring their experience and their own social media presence to the picture but they also contribute to the blog’s credibility and presence on the online social scene.

Improved Writing and Authority Building


Guest blogging would only skyrocket your social media presence if you are a good writer. Otherwise, it would lead to a slump and would be a failure. With guest blogging, the biggest advantage you get is second, third and fourth chances. If you compare the old posts of popular guest bloggers with their latest posts, you will see a marked difference. The writing has become smoother, less jarring and overall, far more professional. Not only does guest blogging give you short term advantages in terms of traffic and subscribers but it also improves your chances in the long term. You get to know what your faults are and you can work on them to improve.

Another thing that you discover, as you write more guest posts, is your niche. There are many topics and areas that might catch your attention but it is for you to decide what you want your authority subjects to be. Sure, you can write good content about everything under the sun but when you build your authority on one topic, you establish yourself as the last word on it. Thus, when people need something related to that topic, your social media profiles are the ones where all the attention would be directed towards.

Improving Credibility and Portfolio

Not only are you improving your writing, as a guest blogger, but you are also building your portfolio on a continuous basis. Guest blogging is the best way to let someone know that you are a credible writer and someone worth noticing. Plus, it adds gold stars to your reliability. When you perform guest blogging for other blogs that you like and enjoy, you build your writing portfolio on a scale that is wider than anything else. Not just that, when you are a regular guest blogger for people, the message that your blogging is sending across is simple and clear – this is a person who can be trusted.

Increasing Brand Awareness and Exposure

Guest blogging has a great advantage of increasing your exposure in the online social circles. Not just that, with the help of guest blogging, you can easily build your brand. For instance, if you are writing a guest post for a blog that enjoys 30,000 visitors a day and assuming even decent figures, you at least get a 5000 persons viewership for your post. On your own blog, with its 500 odd visitors, you would never enjoy this kind of success. Now, out of these 5000 people, even if 500 decide to check out your own blog and social media site, you are still doing extremely well. Your guest post would make people curious about who you are, and if they like your content, you might even experience a great networking opportunity.

Building Subscriber Base

Apart from the traffic that guest blogging generates for your social media profile, there is another thing that sets guest blogging apart from everything else – the ability to build a quality subscriber base. With guest blogging, you could end up gaining so many subscribers in one day that strenuous efforts for a month could not achieve. People who have written and still write guest posts report that when they write a guest post for good blogs, they gain as many as 200 subscribers in a single day. On an average, every guest post made by good bloggers get them at least 50 subscribers a day and that is really something of a perk with this tool.

Some people wish for more traffic and others, for more subscribers. No matter which category you belong to, guest blogging fulfills them both.

Great Way to Get Critique

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You cannot hope to improve your social media presence unless you are constantly growing as an individual and as a writer. On your own blog, you have a loyal base of people who have grown used to your writing style, agree with most of your opinions, and look forward to what you have to say. In short, they respect you too much to give you any constructive criticism. Thus, you stop growing and think that everything you are doing is right. With guest blogging, you can explore the opportunity of writing to a group of people who have a fresh perspective for you. This stops you from falling into a rut and growing as a blogger. With the critique and the way you handle it, you can make use of an immense networking opportunity.

To sum it up, it is important that guest blogging is used as a tool for enhancing your social presence. Use it wisely and learn to only trust those who are known to be reliable and credible with this tool. If you use it properly, you will see that the benefits come pouring in.

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