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Which Social Networks Are Absolutely Necessary for Businesses?

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Using social media today is essential whether you are trying to grow an online presence for a personal blog or a corporate website. Regardless of your purpose of launching a website, knowing which social networks are absolutely necessary for business is a way to get started with your own social media marketing plan. Understanding the importance of social media marketing and how it can help you to take your own business to the next level of success is a way for you to get even more out of campaigns you launch online.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is online marketing that uses networks to share content, news and other relevant information for your brand to all of your hundreds or thousands of followers. Implementing a social media marketing plan is ideal whether you want to promote a local business or if you are seeking new methods of sharing your business and brand internationally.



Facebook is still the leading online social network worldwide, with more than 1 billion accounts registered to the site itself. When you want to promote you business online, doing so is possible with the use of both Facebook Pages as well as Facebook Ads.

Setting up a Facebook page can be done with your personal Facebook account, allowing you to select a name for your Facebook page that matches or that is relevant to your brand or company name. If possible, set all social media accounts to the same name to help with getting followers in less time and with less campaigning efforts. Facebook Pages give you the ability to upload and share photos, video and other media with online followers and virtual “vans” instantly. Additionally, you can also track the visits to your Facebook pages as well as the metrics of all pages you manage on Facebook for free, regardless of the size of your business.

It is also possible to use Facebook Ads to begin sharing more information and advertisements regarding your brand or business online. Using Facebook Ads is a way for you to generate online advertising campaigns for specific target demographics and audiences you want tor each. With Facebook Ads, you have the ability to select the age group, gender, location and even specific interests, hobbies or keywords that you want to target when reaching specific individuals using Facebook itself to promote your business.

Using hashtags which were originally for Twitter users is now also possible with Facebook. Facebook hashtags allow you to find other members using the site while also giving you more opportunities to be found by others who are interested in similar content as you. The more familiar you get with the use of hashtags online, the easier it becomes to reach out and communicate with any target demographic or audience you are interested in.



Twitter is another social network that is a must when you are running a business and looking for new methods of promoting your brand or growing your online presence. Using Twitter is not only a way for you to grow the number of online followers you have for your business, but it also provides new opportunities for networking and meeting others who are also involved in the same industry as you professionally.

Twitter is free to use and can be access with the use of both computers and mobile phones, regardless of the operating system you are using. Although Twitter is limited to submitting updates that are less than 140 characters each, it provides a platform of using “hashtags”, which help to connect and find other users with shared interests and relevant hobbies.

Using Twitter is highly recommended if you are seeking new methods and opportunities of connecting with your following and audience online on a deeper and more personal level. Speaking directly to Twitter users who follow your business or brand online is one of the best ways to boost brand loyalty and your overall reputation. When you want to truly connect with your audience or the following you have online who are also customers, be sure to interact with users who send Direct Messages or Tweets to your account specifically, which helps to build a mutual respect between you and your customers.


Instagram is a leading photo and video-sharing online social network that works well for both personal and business-related accounts. Using Instagram is a way to connect with all of your mobile users who also use the app regularly. Instagram gives you an additional platform to share photos of your daily life while also sharing updates in regards to new products and services you have available to offer to potential customers and your followers online.

Instagram is ideal if you share marketing products, services or even real merchandise with your users regularly. Additionally, it is also ideal if you have established a brand image that fits well with photos and video media and your audience. The more you know about the type of images and video media your audience prefers, the easier it is to create content that is well-liked and shared using additional social media platforms.


Pinterest is a fast-growing online social network that can also be extremely beneficial to businesses of any nature, regardless of whether they are locally or internationally-based. Pinterest gives registered members the ability to generate and save links and other images or content found on the web using organized virtual pin boards. When you have a business, website or brand online you want to promote, you can do so by sharing your products or the services you have to offer with the use of your own business-based Pinterest account.

Using Pinterest for business is possible by uploading and sharing links from your own website while also sharing original photos using the network itself. When you use Pinterest for business, you can also add specific tags to each one of the pieces of content you upload before sharing it live with your followers and other members of Pinterests who are online.


Although LinkedIn is ideally for professionals to post their resumes and simply connect with others they have worked with in the past, it is also highly recommended for individuals who consider themselves to be entrepreneurs. Registering a LinkedIn account is free and gives you the ability to not only boost your professional image and reputation online, but it also gives you even more opportunities to connect and network with professionals who may become potential business associates or partners in the future.

Putting LinkedIn to use when you are managing or operating a business is highly advisable whether you are looking to networking with all professionals in your industry or if you simply want to find other local business owners in your local area to connect and network with professionally yourself.

Understanding which social networks are absolutely necessary for businesses and brands today is a way for you to stay ahead of potential competitors online while also improving brand recognition and credibility as a company overall. The more actively involved and engaged you are with the social media pages and accounts you manage for your business, the easier it becomes to build long-lasting, loyal relationships with your online visitors and potential customers or clients.


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