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Success in Video Marketing with StumbleUpon

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One of the best but perhaps one of the most under-appreciated marketing tools that every online marketer who does viral video marketing should use is

StumbleUpon isn’t new, but it is one of the most useful social bookmarking sites out there. While it is ostensibly a bookmarking site, perhaps it can best be described as a discovery or recommendation site. This is due to the fact that content posted on StumbleUpon gets promoted there based people’s particular interests.

As an online marketer doing affiliate marketing, you should be interested to learn that StumbleUpon is used by more than 20 million registered and active users. While 20 million users may seem like a small number compared to the hundreds of millions of active Facebook users and several tens of millions on Twitter, that number is still substantial enough to warrant the interest of any marketer looking for a profitable channel.

You should consider coordinating your video and social media marketing for affiliate campaigns with activities on StumbleUpon. As you will see, doing this can be very good for search engine rankings.

Here is how you can direct targeted traffic to your video marketing campaign through the use of StumbleUpon:

Use. as a gateway to StumbleUpon is one of those social media marketing tools that not many marketers are taking advantage of. It’s a tool owned by StumbleUpon that primarily shortens URLs.

What does is let you post links to Facebook and Twitter simultaneously with a shortened URL, while at the same time posting the same link on StumbleUpon.

Below is a list of all the things can do:

  • It creates pretty or shortened links
  • It broadcasts links to several Twitter and Facebook accounts simultaneously
  • It lets you schedule posts
  • It provides you with information about when is the best time to post
  • It lets you track the number of hits to your link
  • It shows you the most visited posts
  • It provides the option to post on StumbleUpon

Bookmark video links on StumbleUpon for high-quality traffic

Let’s say you’ve uploaded a new video on YouTube. Now you want to promote it to an eager audience on StumbleUpon.

Copy your YouTube link and post on By default, it will shorten your YouTube URL and post it on the attached Facebook and Twitter accounts. After posting the link, click on the thumbnail for the newly posted link. A new window will pop up in which you will be prompted to choose a category and enter tags and description.

Select the best category for your video. Enter appropriate tags for your post. For best results, use the keywords you are optimizing for. Enter a keyword-optimized description for your post.

This will automatically share your video to StumbleUpon. Remember that because links posted on StumbleUpon are based on very specific interests, traffic coming from this site is going to be mostly very highly targeted.

It should be no surprise that some online marketers have reported an increase in traffic and engagement because of StumbleUpon and

And since StumbleUpon is a high-authority social bookmarking site, using this in tandem with your video marketing campaigns is an incredibly powerful tactic.

If you are new to viral video marketing, utilizing StumbleUpon can provide a huge advantage for your marketing efforts. This remarkable tool will provide you with that much-needed traffic fast and give your video marketing an opportunity to go even more viral.

Resource box:

Using social bookmarking with viral video marketing is a winning strategy. For more information about creating viral videos, visit Andy Jenkins’ blog at

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