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  1. How to Make a Viral Video: 4 Sure-Fire Ways

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    If there are two things that every Internet marketer hopes to become great at, they are probably: 1) ranking a website on the first page of a Google search, and 2) creating a highly successful viral video.

    These two drive the biggest income for most marketers. Getting a first-page rank on Google and running a marketing campaign through a viral video bring tons of traffic and that much-coveted conversion.

    But let’s talk about how to do the viral video. This has become every Internet marketer’s Holy Grail. You know how it is with Internet marketing: If people can’t find you on Google’s first page, your business might as well be not exist.

    And in this day and age, when marketers are vying for the top spot on the search engines, video has become one of the most indispensable tools that can help a marketer beat the competition.

    That’s because if SEO won’t work for your conventional marketing techniques, such as blogging, you can still count on video marketing. If all else fails, video can save the day.

    Creating a viral video campaign has some great perks. Video marketing is low-risk because the technologies involved are not particularly expensive, and producing a marketing video doesn’t require huge amounts of time.

    Thus, many marketers have “Go Viral!” as their marketing battle cry. It should be yours, too.

    So how do you set out to create video content that has the potential to go viral? Let’s look at four guaranteed ways.

    1. Hilarious content almost always goes over big

    You don’t need to go overboard on this one. Just study some of the most hilarious viral videos that are making the rounds on the social space.

    You can either borrow other people’s hilarious content, stage your own, or stay perpetually on the lookout for something hilarious to use as the basis for an amusing and potentially viral video.

    To become a successful video marketer, you always need to have a compact camera on hand, all the time. You never know what funny material might be lurking around the corner. Ideas are not that hard to find; they come at us all the time. Most people just don’t bother to capture them when they happen.

    2. Create controversial content that evokes curiosity and interest

    You can create videos that talk about some of the most trendy topics in politics, entertainment, and the news. Topics that you might choose include those that provoke people’s passions and emotion. Try to devise video content that might clarify people’s thoughts about the subject.

    3. Provide good information

    People go online not only to find videos about news and entertainment, but in order to learn how to do stuff. They love videos that show them exactly HOW to do something or create new things. When setting out to create an instructional video, be as informative as you can and provide as much value as possible. If you can inject a little humor into it, so much the better.

    4. Provide easy ways for people to share your videos across the Internet

    Encourage your audience to share your videos across the social space by including buttons for Facebook Like, Google+, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, and Twitter. In fact, at the end of your video, ask viewers to like or share your videos. There’s actually no harm in doing that. In fact, it’s extremely beneficial.

    As you can see, it takes a bit of effort to fashion viral video for marketing purposes. But, as with anything having to do with marketing, you should always strive to provide value first. Then add a dash of charm or hilarity, and you are sure to create a video that is on its way to collecting hundreds of thousands of views.


    Video marketing is a growing market, and marketers are scrambling to figure out how to create a viral video. For more information on creating successful marketing videos, contact us today.

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  2. Five Ways to Make a Funny Viral Video

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    Charlie Bit My Finger

    Image from HDCYT Harry Charlie Jasper Channel on YouTube

    Funny stuff is good for your health — and for your bottom line.

    In advertising, sex and comedy sell tremendously well. But comedy-themed ads have gained more popularity for their universal appeal, and funny videos are increasingly effective for promotion and sales.

    Over the years, we’ve seen the explosion of funny viral videos. Creating a funny viral video has become one of the main strategies used by huge advertisers and small entrepreneurs.

    Viral videos have become an important tool for Internet marketers because they work and they are very cost effective.

    However, many folks assume that making a viral video involves big efforts and big budgets. That’s actually not the case. Funny videos can become viral and practically promote themselves.

    And they can be produced with only a camera phone.

    I’ll let you in on two rules for creating a great viral video:

    Rule #1. Shoot or create lots and lots of videos.

    Rule #2. Remember Rule #1.

    The more you shoot and create videos (no matter the quality), the bigger the chances you’ll hit gold.

    But when shooting a video you hope will go viral, what are the types of scenarios that are more likely to go viral?

    The parody

    Parodies in some cases outperform original content. You can create funny yet clean parodies of just about any other film, video, or TV show. In fact, you can create parodies of other funny viral videos.

    Remember Charlie Bit My Finger? To date, this cheeky, cute, and funny video has amassed nearly half a billion views and dozens of parodies.

    While none of those parodies has outperformed the original Charlie Bit My Finger in terms of the number of views, they still garnered respectable hit totals. Some have garnered over 80,000 views. Others have reaching between half a million and a million.


    Everyone has a soft spot for babies. They’re adorable and irresistible, like these twins dancing to their daddy’s guitar. They have a contagious laugh and they have the tendency to mess things up — in a very funny way.

    If you’ve got kids and babies around, be sure to keep your camcorder handy because you never know when something funny will happen.


    Cats and dogs … they’re forever rivals. Even on the Internet, they battle it out ferociously — for attention. Just like babies, animals tend to mess things up in a delightful way. It’s especially amusing to see animals that mimic humans, even in the vaguest way.

    Humans vs. Animals

    No raised eyebrows from animal rights advocates likely here. Just some funny things animals do to helpless humans captured on video.

    Things that go wrong

    Lots of unexpected things happen between humans and animals, animals and animals, humans and things, and things versus things. But what you want to capture are funny things that happen in the most unexpected ways like a birthday cake that falls over, or a Nintendo Wii fail.

    As you can see, there’s not much effort needed to create a funny viral video. Most of the time, the ingredients are the same. The only differences are the characters, objects, and circumstances captured on video.

    So keep your camera or mobile phone always ready. You never know how that cat lurking around may surprise you in 3…2…1…

    If you want to find out more about how to create great videos for your marketing campaigns, contact us and we’ll show you how.


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