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The SEO Mindset for Webmasters After Google Panda and Penguin

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The release of Google Panda and Penguin updates has changed the face of the SEO world.

Links remain one of the most crucial factors for success in online business, but the recent Google updates have laid down some new rules for building links. Violation of those rules means the difference between success and failure now.

Webmasters and SEOs who fail to play by Google’s new SEO rules are bound to suffer heavily, as became abundantly clear after the release of Panda and Penguin.

In the aftermath, thousands of sites experienced a dramatic drop in rankings. Even worse, some were removed from Google’s index altogether.

Should you give up on your online marketing dreams? No you shouldn’t, as long as you’re willing to adapt.

In this post, we’ll explore the mindset that every online marketer should have in order to operate in the dramatically changed landscape of SEO.

SEO is constantly shifting
All of us need to remind oursellves that the ground rules for SEO are constantly shifting. By keeping this mindset, you will anticipate the fact that soon, SEO will likely be tweaked again.

While the SEO rules are constantly changing, however, one thing remains constant: the search engines want us to provide users with nothing more than quality information.

Quality, as well as relevance, has always been at the heart of what the search engines looked for and evaluated. It’s their goal to provide users with useful, high-quality, and extremely relevant information.

Therefore, while you should remain aware that the search engines could tweak the rules again not so very long from now, you should always strive to generate quality as the cornerstone of everything you do online.

Content is still king
Quality should form the foundation of your online marketing efforts. Content is the framework for that quality. When setting out to create content, always have it as your goal to deliver what’s beneficial for your audience.

Keep the following principles in mind whenever you set out to create content:

  • Avoid thin content, or content that has very little value.
  • Always provide sufficient information to solve your audience’s problems.
  • Always write with the audience in mind first, and search engines second.
  • Strive to create content that amounts to more than 500 words.


With regard to the last point, search engines these days tend to place more value on sites that offer content that consists of more than 500 words.

Link building is now more rigorous
Link building these days should be implemented carefully. A heavy penalty awaits those who spam the system with un-natural link-building practices. In the past, black hat methods got let off the hook easily, but today it’s an entirely different story.

The mindset that webmasters should have now when it comes to building links is always to strive to create links naturally. By naturally, we mean varying the use of keywords for anchor texts.

We also refer to pointing users to resources other than your own. After Penguin, over-optimizing sites with exact-match keywords as anchor texts tends to suffer heavy penalties. Also, sites that take outbound linking for granted get penalized.

SEO has changed, and we can expect more changes in the future. Google Panda and Penguin undoubtedly have more updates lurking up their sleeves in the coming months. If you’re a proactive webmaster who has the proper mindset, the most sensible thing is to be prepared for any changes that could happen, anytime soon.

We can help you prepare your site proactively for any changes Google might make in the future. For more information, contact us today for a free site assessment.

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