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Tips to Make Your Online and Offline Marketing Efforts Work Together

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Many businesses have both an online and an offline presence. Offline businesses that were smart enough to establish an online presence clearly grabbed an edge over those that were not.

In this age of digital marketing, if you’re running a business, no matter what  size, you’ll have a better chance of succeeding when you establish a presence online as well as offline.

That being said, many businesses that have both an online and offline presence operate them as separate campaigns. This is actually a waste of time and resources.

If you can make your online and offline marketing campaigns work together, you can give your business a much-needed boost and increase your customers and your revenue. For one thing, customers will sense and appreciate the consistencies between your online and offline campaigns.

So how do you go about creating a seamless collaboration between your offline and online marketing efforts? Here are some tips.

Be consistent with your marketing messages

articleimage597 Be consistent with your marketing messages

Most businesses have a primary marketing message or a slogan. Make sure that that main marketing message and/or slogan appears consistently and prominently in your online and offline campaigns. If people can see your marketing slogan and message on your brick-and-mortar façade, position them just as boldly in your website’s header, where customers will see them right away.

Create a universal appearance


The way your business looks and feels should be uniform across all your campaigns. The color schemes, fonts, and logos you use for your offline business should also be apparent in your Internet store.

This will make it a lot easier for your customers to recognize your business, no matter where they encounter it — on the street or on the Web.

Make your web address a mainstay in all your marketing efforts

Believe it or not, this is often overlooked. By including your website address on your marketing materials, you give leads plenty of opportunities to learn about and visit your online business.

The majority of companies have some sort of web presence these days, whether it’s their own website or a Facebook page. Whichever it is, your web address should be apparent every time you market your business online and offline. This enables potential customers to find you a whole lot easier and that will inevitably raise web traffic and revenue.

Target the same set of customers

articleimage597Target the same set of customers

It’s much easier to run a business when it has a specific market. Niche marketing allows you to focus your efforts much more effectively and successfully. If your offline business caters to a specific set of customers, then you should target that same set of customers online.

You can do this easily by running online ads using AdWords, making use of targeted social media advertising (by age, gender, location, etc.), or by properly applying SEO techniques that home in on the right customers.

Targeting keywords for offline campaigns

It’s not just slogans and marketing messages that should be used consistently across all your marketing campaigns. Even in your offline marketing efforts, you should also use the keywords that you are optimizing for your online activities.

The beauty of doing so is that when your keywords play a prominent role in your offline campaigns, people won’t experience any difficulty finding you online.

Use your business’s name in your site’s URL

This isn’t only for SEO purposes. This also promotes strong brand recall. Some companies commit the mistake of using a URL that’s entirely different from their business’s name in the hope of achieving a higher ranking in search.

By using your firm’s name in your URL, you ensure consistency, and it makes it a lot easier for your customers to find you online by just typing your company name in their browser.


Making your online and offline marketing campaigns work together will create a stronger brand that customers will recognize easily, whether they come across it online or offline. This effectively leads to stronger customer loyalty and increased traffic and revenue in both your bricks-and-mortar and virtual stores.

For more information on how to create a coherent online marketing strategy that complements your offline business, contact us for a free site assessment.

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