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Top Twitter Tools for Social Media Marketing Dominance

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I’ve had huge successes with Twitter. It has provided me with bursts of significant traffic to some of my content, it has helped me track ideas and issues that matter to me and my audience, and most importantly, it has helped me create meaningful relationships online.

With the hundreds of Twitter tools available to help us achieve our marketing goals, Twitter has become incredibly powerful and handy.

But before we delve into five tools I especially want to recommend for you, here are some tips to make tweeting a more worthwhile effort for your business:

Don’t be overly promotional on Twitter
Twitter brings terrific value to me and my audience. I am able to filter the flow of information so I only get news and data from connections that matter my business.

This is an essential function because there is simply too much traffic on Twitter from people seeking to spam users with nonsense and overly promotional material. Incessantly hitting the self-promotional note is an instant turn-off for people who populate the Twittersphere.

Take advantage of lists and Twitter’s search feature
Lists helps you to organize the people that matter to you so your feed tracks no one but them. It’s very useful when you need a quick look at issues you are particularly interested in.

The list features also help you filter information you may need instantly, such as an events, breaking news, and local business developments.

Always observe the 80/20 rule
The 80/20 rule is one of those unwritten laws of the Internet, which states that 80 percent of your tweets should consist of valuable information which is likely to interest your community.

Such information could be retweets or information from other sources. The 20 percent constitutes your own stuff, such as links to your posts and promotions.

Treat your tweet as a headline
Tweets should capture the attention of your audience the way a powerful ad does. That’s why it pays to learn some copywriting techniques before trying to come up with compelling tweets that others are apt to act upon or retweet.

Below are some of the Twitter apps I personally use to complement my Twitter marketing:

This is one of the most powerful web-based Twitter tools I’ve used. It allows you to manage multiple social media accounts and it lets you automate your Twitter messages in an efficient way. You can even create automated welcome messages for new followers.

Similar to a Facebook fan page, Twylah automatically creates landing pages where your followers get directed. This app lets you segment your followers into categories for several of your marketing campaigns, making it a perfect list-building tool for your Twitter followers.

TweetAttacks Pro
TweetAttacks Pro lets you target specific users; it’s a great tool for link building. What I like about this one is that it has the ability to weed out fake followers so you can firm up a roster of Twitter followers that are valid and real.

Tweet Spinner
TweetSpinner helps you schedule your tweets, track followers, view statistics, and manage your Twitter profiles.

Facebook’s Twitter App
Nothing is more convenient for active Facebook users who are also active on Twitter than an app that lets them update both profiles simultaneously. With Facebook’s Twitter app, users can send updates to Twitter via Facebook.

If you’re an active social media user, take the trouble to determine which of the apps for Twitter will work best for you. Ultimately it will depend what you use Twitter for and how.

But be sure to familiarize yourself with Twitter’s rules and regulations on automating accounts. Use Twitter apps to save time and resources, and keep in mind that when using apps, you shouldn’t compromise the quality of your followers’ experience.

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