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Top Ways to Engage Your Customers

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With a little help from powerful headlines, social media promotions, and SEO, you can get potential customers to visit your site.

That’s just half of your job as an online marketer, however. What counts at least as much is how well you engage people once they’ve found their way in. If you can’t properly hold your visitors’ attention inside your site, all your efforts to pull them in will have been wasted.

What’s even more frustrating is when you’ve paid for that traffic: then you’ll have blown precious budget as well.

To help you engage your customers more fully once they’ve clicked into your site, we commend the following tips to your attention.

Take advantage of the power of surveys
Consider offering surveys to your visitors. You might be surprised to learn how many web visitors are more than happy to accommodate you by taking the time to answer questions in a survey. This is especially true if your site has something to please your users — like a little humor or eye-catching design — or offers extremely useful information.

By providing a survey, you will not only discover how people feel about your site, but you’ll also gain valuable insights into which areas of your site could use improvement.

You will also make your visitors feel valued for their comments and ideas. This sets the stage for potentially fruitful and lasting relationships with them.

Make your site more social
Social media engagement should be high on the list for all webmasters and online marketers. You may have recognized the importance of making your site more social to engage visitors and boost traffic, but you may not be implementing it properly.

One way to do it is by making it easy to share your content on some of the biggest social networks. Place social media tools such as Facebook like, Twitter, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, and Google+ buttons at a prominent position on every page of your site. This will encourage your audience to share your content, especially if they find it interesting, relevant, and useful.

It’s also a smart move to place a Facebook badge on the sidebar of your site to show your visitors which of their friends have recommended or liked your site.

Use video with YouTube
Integrating video into your site’s content is a powerful method of engaging your audience more effectively. By now almost everyone knows that including video is good for SEO. However, you should be mindful of the fact that using it improperly could backfire on you.

When incorporating video, make sure you use only clips that are highly related to your content. Even better, you can opt to create your own video content. One of the easiest ways to do this is to take some of your previously published content and re-purpose it to furnish the meat of your videos.

This will appeal to a wider audience, especially visitors who are more engaged by imagery. If you include video on your site, odds are your audience will like you even more for it.

Appeal to the human emotions
Finally, don’t forget to create content that appeals to human emotion. Try to create content that is not just interesting, but also funny or inspiring.

Humorous content is a sure hit among today’s online browsers. You can also appeal to your audience’s need to feel important. In other words, when you compose new content, be sure to focus on what your potential customers want and not what you like. Talk about what’s going to make them genuinely happy.

If you apply the tips outlined here for your next set of content, you will see improvements in the way people interact with your site. You should also see dramatic results in traffic as well as in conversion.

If you want to find out more about how to create effective and highly engaging content for your site, contact us to learn about your options.

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