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Some Awesome Viral Marketing Tips

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Viral marketing . . . it’s the Holy Grail for most online marketers. It’s the envy of everyone.

Whether it’s video, articles, or any other forms of content, we all want more traffic, more subscribers, more views, and more audience engagement.

The thing is, it’s pretty challenging to get something to go viral online. But when a content does go viral, it provides a huge amount of exposure, fast, without the marketer having to do anything more than publish and wait.

Creating a piece of content that will go viral is quite difficult, but it’s not altogether impossible. All you need is a deep understanding of the various types of content that get the job done right, and the details that tend to make a content go viral.

The following are some tips for creating content that is likely to go viral.

Deliver content based on current events and trending topics
Nothing is consumed more ferociously than an intriguing and trending current event. You can write stories or articles based the recent presidential elections, the latest Halloween events, the hottest fashions, coming entertainment, etc.

And where do you find trending topics? Google News, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn all provide us with a huge amount of current information.

Keep an eye out for hashtags (#), political events, and breaking news in entertainment. For industry-specific issues, you can use Google Trends.

Explore memes
Memes and rage comics almost always guarantee virality. Sites such as, Reddit, and produce a vast collection of memes that can be used as free templates for ads or images to accompany an article.

Investigate other forms of content
Quotes, infographics, and images circulate the Internet in huge numbers, and these forms of content are growing in popularity. Because they are short and visual, they tend to be shared more often than most text-based content.

Make a point of creating your own content using these forms and share them across your network on social networking sites. They are more engaging, and most users find them far easier to share online.

Create videos
Videos are huge these days. Some of the most shared content on Facebook and Twitter are videos. As consumers become more visual, marketers are scrambling to devise ways to expose their brands in video format.

Video seems to guarantee virality more than any other form of content, provided the video is sufficiently pithy, entertaining, and/or intriguing. Sharing your video on YouTube alone potentially exposes your content to a substantial number of eyeballs, since YouTube enjoys two billion daily views.

Also, video is extremely easy to share on social networks these days, which makes it an ideal marketing platform.

Harness the power of keywords
Keywords still play a huge role in helping people locate information online. Web consumers are using keywords and keyphrases when they look for any kind of product or service online.

That’s why, when people are looking for your product, you want to make sure you come up right in front of them on the search results page. Use keywords within the title, description, and body of your content.

For video content, be sure to keyword optimize the title and description section, as well as the tag area.

Reach out to influential people within your niche
Getting noticed by an influential person within your niche can offer a massive opportunity. It wouldn’t hurt for you to reach out to him or her, make a pitch, and see if you could get the individual interested in your content.

If such people find your content interesting enough, they won’t think twice about sharing it with their network. If reaching out to them doesn’t work at first, strive constantly to come up with very interesting content that may catch their attention in the future.

Run contests
Contests are sure-fire ways to get the word out about your product or brand. If you can come up with tempting prizes or something of great value to your audience — for example, free ebooks, a free subscription, etc. — you can get people to follow you on Twitter or Facebook, or share your content with their network.

This is how many brands have built a solid follower base for their products. When running any contest online, however, be sure you study and understand the rules and regulations that govern such activities, especially on sites like Facebook.

Take advantage of humor
Amusing material is universally appealing. If you can appeal to your audience’s funny bone by creating content that is hilarious, you will almost guarantee some level of virality.

In fact, a lot of the most shared content online are funny videos, funny quotes, funny memes, etc. However, be careful not to risk offending people. Promote fun and comedy but try to stay within the bounds of what the average person would deem acceptable taste.

Evoke controversy
People are drawn to opposing views, stories that shock, and controversial issues. Images and stories that provoke strong emotions seem to be shared a lot these days.

As with funny stuff, be careful when using controversy in the hope of going viral. If something is bound to ruin your reputation, better dump the idea and do something else to attract attention to your product.

Employ powerful images
Consumers are growing more visual by the day. And as consumer attention spans get ever shorter, people tend to prefer images and other forms of visual content.

GIFs, memes, and infographics are increasing in popularity and are getting shared over and over across the social space. It may be a great idea to start incorporating these types of content into your marketing mix.

Share on StumbleUpon and Reddit
Reddit and StumbleUpon are two of the most popular social bookmarking sites. One interesting post on either of these two sites has the potential to deliver hundreds or thousands of views for your content.

But when posting content, especially on Reddit, be sure you’ve read up on their terms and regulations. Getting a post some significant views could be tricky, especially if you go against their regulations and are overly self-promoting.

If you can master any of the tips above and use it constantly, you could be on your way to Internet superstardom. Combine all of them, and you create an awesome viral content — nothing could stop you from becoming an overnight sensation.

We’d like to hear your thoughts about today’s post. Feel free to enter a comment below.

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