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Using Squidoo as a Marketing Platform

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Though it’s not the most popular marketing platform, still provides marketers with tremendous opportunities for ranking and customer growth.

Squidoo allows marketers to publish contextual content such as articles and blog posts. Given its vast community of users, getting your content shared is easy.

Content published on Squidoo is called a lens. It’s similar to a blog post and just as powerful in terms of garnering SEO value.

So what is Squidoo, anyway?

Squidoo was founded by marketer extraordinaire Seth Godin. It is a web 2.0 platform that allows users to create simple pages online for various uses.

Today, Squidoo is home to millions of lenses that talk about a wide range of subjects from celebrities and politics to religion and home improvement.

For years now, online marketers have taken advantage of Squidoo to sell products, spread ideas, attract traffic, and gain search engine prominence. Thousands of ordinary people have made a decent living by creating hundreds of Squidoo lenses.

Let’s consider some of the key aspects of Squidoo and why it’s such a great tool for online marketing.

You get full control of your content
There are virtually no limits as to how you can use lenses. You also get full control of the content you publish. Squidoo lenses are customizable in some ways and offer tremendous control through the site’s editing tools.

You can customize your lens to include various modules, such as text blocks, polls, slide shows, images, YouTube videos, and links.

Choose from a wide range of topics
Squidoo doesn’t just offer a great deal of control over the content you publish; it also allows a terrific amount of flexibility.

There are tons of features on Squidoo that users can take advantage of. One of my favorites is the modules that allow users such as myself to earn commissions on Amazon and eBay product feeds, for example.

You can also integrate Google News, social media feeds, Flickr images, and videos. Quite simply, there is almost no limit to what you can do with Squidoo.

Squidoo is also great for link building
I’ve had tremendous success with Squidoo in the past. I’ve earned a significant number of commissions from my affiliate marketing efforts after creating several Squidoo lenses.

Squidoo lenses allow users to build contextual links. You can use anchor texts and Alt tags on Squidoo lenses — factors that could lead to an improved search engine ranking.

Here’s a tip that has worked tremendously well in the past: Build several lenses around your main site, with each lens talking about one or several angles of your business. When you create these lenses, be sure to include links that point to specific sections on your site.

Huge community base
Squidoo is home to thousands of lens masters (owners of lenses) that belong to a wide range of niches. Thus, Squidoo is more than just a publishing platform; it’s also essentially a social network where you can build significant relationships with like-minded individuals.

As with most content marketing tactics, though, the key to creating successful lenses and building great relationships among lens masters is providing value. When setting out to create lenses for your site, always make sure that you provide value for potential readers.

Create lenses based on certain issues that need resolution. Create lenses that offer solutions. It’s also recommended that you create lenses that not only inform, but also entertain.

Tips for successful Squidoo marketing
Like blogging, you don’t have to be an expert coder to succeed with Squidoo. All you need are passion and creativity. Below are some tips to help you get started with Squidoo:

• Be sure to research a good set of keywords thoroughly before setting out to create your lenses.
• provides analytics that offer some insights on the performance of your lenses in terms of traffic and engagement. Be sure to find out which keywords are referring the most visitors to your lenses.
• Whatever keywords are related to your lenses or niche, don’t neglect to include all of them in your tags.
• Google places some value on content published on Squidoo, so keep SEO in mind when creating each of your lenses: optimize the title, the tags, the sub-titles, and the body of the lens. Also use keywords in the lens URL.
• Avoid creating lenses on drug reviews. Those are not allowed on Squidoo.
• Squidoo allows up to 40 tags. Choose the ones you will use.
• Get involved in Squidoo Groups that are related to your niche.
• Become part of Squidoo communities for greater exposure of your expertise and your lenses.
• Reach out to other lens masters and create relationships with them, especially those who are within the same niche as yours.
• Set “Contact” on in your profile so other Internet marketers can get in touch with you.
• Submit your lens to social bookmarking sites such as Digg and StumbleUpon.
• Break your subject into smaller parts and create more lenses on various sub topics, because Squidoo marketing can be a quantity game.
• Make comments on other lenses.
• Update your Squidoo lenses constantly to achieve better ranking within Squidoo.
• Take advantage of Poll and Plexo.
• Link back to your websites from your Squidoo lenses; that tends to gain Google PR fast.
• Take advantage of the “Black Box” module to highlight your free email courses or ebooks. It’s a great lead-capturing feature.
• Take advantage of the “RSS Feeds” module to showcase your blog and other content within your Squidoo lenses.

Squidoo will undoubtedly remain one of the best web 2.0 platforms. If you are not taking advantage of it, it’s time to explore Squidoo today and create several lenses around your niche.

If you can manage to create at least one lens every other day, you will build a significant number of backlinks from a very reputable and authoritative site.

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