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Video Marketing: 3 Proven Tactics for Creating Effective Marketing Videos

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Advertisements are everywhere. Gone are the days when you only ran into ads on TV, radio, and print media. Now they also appear on social media sites, on Google, and most other websites, and we get so barraged that we either find them annoying or ignore them altogether.

A good viral video marketing campaign stays away from elements that are intrusive. It should be packed with value that resonates with viewers, and ideally so useful or pleasurable that they’ll want to share it over and over again.

Without value in mind, your video marketing campaign will be doomed to failure right from the get-go.

Value should always be at the heart of every video advertising campaign. Without that, consumers will automatically resist the message. Most likely, they will turn away at the first sign that the video is being overly promotional. Also, the probability of such an ad going viral would be very tiny.

In this article, I will describe some practical tips for how to make consumers love your video ads, and how to create a video spot that has the potential to go viral.

Creating a marketing video with “unique” in mind
We all have a special place in our hearts for things that are unique. That even includes marketing videos. In the case of a marketing video that manages to go viral, chances are one of its key aspects is the uniqueness of the presentation and their marketing message.

As shown by hundreds of failed marketing videos, if your online commercial video isn’t unique enough, chances are your marketing message will end up being passed over by consumers.

However, if you put in the amount of thought and passion necessary to come up with a video message that’s as unique as it can be, the chances of it going viral will increase.

The power of a compelling story
A gripping story can touch people’s emotions and move them toward the goal you have in mind for them. A compelling and powerful narrative is one that captures not only the emotions of consumers, but their imagination and desire to be included, as well.

With an emotionally driven story, you have a much greater chance of convincing viewers that your products or services provide solutions to people’s problems. When it’s emotionally charged, a marketing video takes your consumers to a whole new level of experience.

And no matter how long your video is, if it effectively persuades people to take action, your video will be worth your viewers’ time.

Be value-driven by providing solutions
By exhibiting solutions to specific problems in your video, you provide tremendous value to your audience.

With a marketing video, you can demonstrate how your products or services can either solve very specific problems or increase people’s pleasure or contentment in life. And if you cleverly provide enough information without revealing too much, you could create a lot of buzz for your business.

It can’t be stressed enough: Video makes money more than anything, and creating an effective video or two can be crucial for business success these days. But keep this in mind: While you should be concerned about making a highly appealing video, your primary focus must always remain on providing solid and lasting value for your consumer.

There you have it. A viral video marketing campaign that truly works has only a few simple but essential ingredients. All you have to do is produce a video that includes the following factors: it should be unique, it must tell a compelling story, and it provides solutions that are extremely valuable to the target audience.

Video marketing will continue to take the online marketing world by storm in the months to come. Is there anyone who doubts that 2013 will see a further expansion in video marketing, as more and more businesses wake up to its value and power?

If you have questions on how to jumpstart your business with video marketing, contact us and we’ll show you some options.


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Charlie Solanor

I am a Content Writer, SEO and Social Media Marketing Specialist and a full-time coffee lover.

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1 Comment

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    Jack Thomas

    I agree with your article if we do not show something of value to those who are watching a video why would they call us?

    The call to action must have a clear what’s in it for the prospect?

    I prefer the educational approach in sales calls to action.

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