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Video Marketing Beyond YouTube: 5 Video-Sharing Sites You Need to Know About

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Video MarketingAdvertising on TV will soon become an old-school marketing tactic. That’s because marketing with video online is making it easier to promote products, and as a result, many companies are already shifting their strategy toward online video marketing.

Today, it’s common to see ads and other promotional videos before you’re able to view the actual content of a video on YouTube. That’s indicative of the trend that more and more people are spending more time online rather than watching TV.

Youtube is the default online video site for almost anything. It has revolutionized the way we view and share videos over the Internet for nearly 10 years. Even before its acquisition by Google several years ago, YouTube was already the hottest video hosting and sharing site for online video enthusiasts.

While its success is propelling YouTube to become an indispensable online marketing tool, YouTube isn’t the only effective channel for video marketing. As an Internet marketer, you need to take advantage of other video-sharing tools and sites as well.

While it’s true that YouTube is still the biggest site for video sharing with over 4 billion daily views, other sites also have significant reach and influence. Many of the video sharing sites beyond YouTube have a tremendous amount of videos being shared and viewed; as such, they represent ripe advertising opportunity.

In fact, many of the viral videos being shared on Facebook are from sites such as Vimeo, DailyMotion and Veoh. Sharing your videos to sites other than YouTube makes sense if you want to expand your reach to a broader audience. Additionally, these other video sites provide significant SEO value.

Search engines highly value video, which is why you almost always see videos on the first page of Google search results. Online videos rank well and quickly in search engine results pages, which creates a ton of untapped potential to outperform the competition. While rankings for textual results are more competitive than ever, we’re in a golden era of video SEO; there are still plenty of keywords and niches that would be easy to get a high-quality video ranked for.

So, don’t just explore YouTube marketing; consider video marketing to include other big-time video sites as well. Here’s a list of the most popular video-sharing sites outside YouTube.



Believe it or not, MySpace is back. But it’s no longer the social networking site riddled with spam that you probably remember.

MySpace has reinvented itself to become an entertainment and video site after losing the social media battle to Facebook. It’s now home to tens of millions of music and video enthusiasts who are on the lookout for any new material from their favorite artists. Heck, even Michael Jackson still actively posts videos on his MySpace page.

So, is MySpace worth your effort? For video marketing, yes. It gets my stamp of approval.



Veoh is ideal for long video, and mostly consists of full-length videos and series. Its generous bandwidth makes it possible to deliver long videos with excellent quality.



Viral videos from Vimeo regularly make the rounds on Facebook and other social networking sites. Although Vimeo is free to use, it has tons of features that allow hardcore online video marketers to post classier videos. Vimeo is known for top-quality and artistic videos.


If you’re looking to create webisodes or online video series, I recommend It has a sophisticated dashboard that allows you to plan your webisode; a cool feature that no other video sharing site has.

What’s also great about is that it lets you cross-share your videos to other video sites, including YouTube, which saves you time syndicating your video.

In addition to the video-sharing sites mentioned above, I recommend checking out DailyMotion and Viddler.


Video marketing is becoming an integral part of the online marketer’s toolkit. But remember, video marketing should go beyond YouTube. Syndicate your videos across the other major video sites for better exposure, higher viewership, and increased chances of your site ranking higher and faster.

If you need help setting up a video marketing campaign for your business, contact us and I’d be happy discuss details.

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