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Video Marketing: Dodging the Penguin

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First things first: We’re not here to suggest “illegal” ways to outwit Google’s latest update — the one known as Penguin. This article will show you how employ viral video marketing so that if all else fails, you can depend on online video marketing channels to save your Internet business.

Contrary to what you might think, with the advent of Penguin, newbie online marketers should rejoice; because Penguin is awarding value to easily accessible channels, such as authority sites and online videos.

Google’s latest update aims at to rid the Internet not only of duplicate content, but also of sites that are over-optimized. It purges spammy sites and content that offer no value from the results pages of the various search engines.

Post Penguin, a great number of sites have been negatively affected. Some that had been at the top of search page results have suffered serious declines in ranking. That’s bad news for the ones who worked hard to push their site to the top, but for newbie online marketers and everyone else, it’s actually good news.

Why? Because Google Penguin ranks video faster than other content. Which means that video is going to become even more valuable.

In addition, if you are new to online marketing, you might be interested in the fact that even though your campaign is new, you have a good chance of landing a high ranking on the search engines. The key is to host your content on authority sites. You have an even better chance of scoring well if video is attached to your marketing campaigns.

Here’s how it all works.

The power of viral video marketing

Almost every search turns up videos in its results these days. For certain keywords, Google shows video as the top search result. This indicates how much value Google is currently assigning to video. If you have not already implemented it, start producing videos for your key marketing efforts.

Of course you need to keep in mind that the content of your videos must be valuable for your intended audience. It’s fine to sell stuff with video, but make sure your intention is clear. Sell if you’re going to sell.

YouTube first, other video sites next

Hosting your own video is fine. But if you are looking to share your videos to a wider audience, go to YouTube first to gain strength from its authority. For videos intended to be distributed to a wide range of audience, upload your content on YouTube first, and then apportion them to the rest of the high-authority video sites like Vimeo and Metacafe.

Target authority sites

Ranking a new site, even for less competitive keywords, was extremely difficult before the advent of Penguin. But by hosting content on authority sites like Tumblr,, and, newbie marketers have a better chance of ranking fast these days.

In fact, there have been reports that content hosted by, which used to suffer decreased ranking in years past, has more recently been resurrected, thanks to Penguin.

If you are new to online marketing, create properties that point to your main site. Host content on, a web 2.0 property owned by Google.

Attach videos to your content

For better and faster ranking, the best thing to do is start producing videos for your marketing campaigns. If you are not able to produce your own videos, however, you can use other people’s video as a complement to your content.

The search engines place greater value on video these days. And it’s a strategy that should work extremely well for the long haul. Take advantage of viral video marketing to make your campaigns Penguin-proof.


Video marketing isn’t the only way for you to create compelling content for which the Penguin will love you. You can take advantage of other marketing techniques that are Penguin approved. To find out about some of those options, contact us today.

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