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Video Marketing for Beginners: How Long Should Your Video Last?

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Trying to figure stuff out can take a toll on your time — a precious commodity that none of us can afford to squander. That’s why I have put together some of my thoughts here on creating marketing videos that your audience will find useful so you’ll waste less of your time trying to figure things out.

When it comes to creating videos, beginners don’t usually concern themselves with the length of their opus, or what the experts call running time.

But according to them, there’s a natural limit to how long how we can pay attention to something.

They say that a person can only pay attention to a video for about 83 seconds . . . which is a little less than one and a half minutes. (I don’t know about that; seems like some guys are glued to their TV set for a full hour to catch each episode of the History Channel’s “Ancient Aliens.”)

So does this mean you should limit your marketing videos to a minute and a half?

I guess the answer to that would have to be a resounding yes . . . and no.

Yes, if you can drive home your marketing video’s message in only a minute and a half.

But if you’ve got lots of interesting things up your sleeve that you want to show your audience, and you believe you could hold their attention for more than 90 seconds, then go right ahead and create  a marketing video that runs longer than a minute and a half. By all means.

Now, let me reiterate that point: You don’t have to limit yourself to an 83-second video if you’re able to hold your audience’s attention for longer than that.

And if you have what it takes to pack a two- to three-minute video with awesomeness, that’s great, as long as your audience buys it.

But how do you put together a marketing video that your audience will totally love, even if it lasts more than two minutes?

Segment, segment … and then segment some more

The most interesting and important parts of your marketing videos should be broken down into segments. This makes it easier for an audience to follow your video and it has a chance at effectively holding their interest, and making them hope for more.

Inform and educate

Make your marketing video useful by providing enough information, but sufficiently simple, that your audience can easily digest it all. Provide them with some interesting takeaways. Viewers love good takeaways.

Include appropriate images

Use compelling images to go with your marketing message. It’s a fact that blog posts and videos are much more powerful when accompanied by appropriate images that complement the text.

Use animations

If you’re using Keynote or PowerPoint to create marketing videos, make it more interesting by maximizing the animation features of these two products.

Use appropriate background music

Yes, the right music moves ya’ll and your soul. With the right background music, you can evoke the emotions that you want to associate with your product or service. Just be sure to acknowledge the source of the music.

Use texts and images that are easy on the eyes

Avoid small fonts, tiny and detailed images, and the kind of typefaces that strain the eyes. Always keep your viewers’ comfort and comprehension in mind. Before launching your videos, show them to your friends and request their honest and unadulterated responses.

You don’t want to spend dozens of hours creating these videos, only to have them fall flat because they still need lots of work that should have been done before exposing them to the public.

Above all, keep your videos simple and short whenever possible. Avoid fluff!


Remember, marketing videos should be created with your audience in mind. So put yourself in their shoes before designing your videos, and ask yourself the same questions that your audience would be apt to put to you after watching your video.

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I am a Content Writer, SEO and Social Media Marketing Specialist and a full-time coffee lover.

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