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Video Marketing: How Businesses are Using YouTube for eCommerce

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YouTube is one of the most compelling forces in online marketing today.

If you are running an online business but you’re not taking advantage of YouTube, you could be missing out on a huge opportunity. With YouTube’s incredible reach and innovative technology, it’s easy to boost your marketing and improve your sales with very little effort.

Use video for increased engagement

One of the biggest reasons why you should turn to YouTube for your main video marketing channel is that video is such a versatile tool. And it’s one of the most engaging forms of communication channel.

Nothing beats video as a great tool to demonstrate what your product is all about. In a traditional business, images are used to show customers a catalog of products as well as to demonstrate how to use a select few of them.

With video, on the other hand, you can do so much more. Not only will you be able to demonstrate how your product is generally employed, but you can also show a variety of potential uses in specific situations and for different needs.

By promoting your brand, products, or services on YouTube, you will not only provide your customers with an extremely engaging way to explore what you have to offer; you will also make it easy for them to share your video across their networks through social media.

Links to your YouTube video can easily be posted on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Customers get involved

Because online videos are fairly easy to produce nowadays, your marketing can get more creative by encouraging your customers to become involved. You don’t always have to produce videos yourself; you can run contests in which you get your customers to create videos about why they like your product, or innovative ways they found to use it.

As an incentive, you can award prizes . . . but for some customers, just being able to brag about being a winner and direct their friends and family to their winning video may have plenty of value.

You can give away cash prizes, a free subscription to your service, and many other rewards, but be sure to consult with YouTube up front on the terms you need to follow when running such contests.

How big companies take advantage of video

Large operations have recognized the power of YouTube. In fact, many businesses have seriously considered abandoning traditional video ads in favor of YouTube marketing.

We have observed big brands vying for that precious spot on YouTube’s first page in order to get their target customers’ attention. Below are several memorable examples of how this has worked for name corporations.

Old Spice. This venerable company ran a series of cleverly crafted videos that succeeded in going viral. I must say I was very impressed at how well they managed their social media and YouTube campaign.

Their blitz of Old Spice videos on YouTube did not just garner massive attention from customers around the globe; the ads have also inspired spoofs. Other companies naturally tried to follow suit, but no one has captivated an audience the way Terry Crews and the gang at Old Spice did.

The result? Tens of millions of video views and an explosive bottom line.

Geico. Here’s a testament to the proposition that you don’t have to produce new videos to promote your business on YouTube. All Geico did was to make their existing video ads available on the number one Internet video site.

On their YouTube channel, Geico has included a link that says “Get a Quote,” which links to their main site — a clever way to bring in traffic and new customers for their business.

Here’s a tip: You can take your existing content, such as articles and blog posts, and repurpose all of it into videos. That way, you won’t have to strain your head about having to start from scratch.


Because of YouTube’s massive ready-made audience, there’s no better video channel to promote your business. And the best time to start is right now, when video marketing on the Internet is still in its relative infancy. If you move now, you can get a good head start against your competition.

Ask us today about how your business can get started with video marketing.

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