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Video Squeeze Page Essentials: 4 Must-Haves for Video Sales Pages

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Marketing squeeze pages, if done properly, could provide your business with a lot of ka-ching! But a skillfully produced video squeeze page trumps conventional squeeze pages in terms of effectiveness. At this point, text-based squeeze pages are making a run for their money.

A squeeze page —  or any other form of online advertising — is going to be a lot more effective if it has video attached. Marketers who have used videos have shown that video works extremely well in terms of attracting visitors and converting them to paying customers.

Video simply makes more money than most other Internet marketing techniques.

But how can video make squeeze pages more powerful? What are the video page essentials that your marketing campaigns should have?

The following are four video squeeze page essentials you should consider incorporating into your online marketing campaign:

1. Compose a powerful script that pulls and holds the audience’s attention
An arresting script is one that catches people’s attention immediately and holds it effectively for the duration of the video. What a powerful script should highlight are the product or idea’s advantages and benefits.

In order to demonstrate advantages and benefits to maximum effect, break them down into bullets. Listing important points in a bullet format ensures that the audience will follow the content of your video without any difficulty or confusion.

When composing the script, you want to make it easy for your audience to follow. You can do this by applying the FAB formula, which stands for Features, Advantages, and Benefits.

2. Use images and moving texts to capture and sustain people’s attention
The beauty of video with a fair amount of animation and moving texts is that it effectively resets the viewers’ attention span, over and over. Think about it. On the average, our attention span when watching a video lasts for only a minute and a half, at the most.

But you can captivate people’s attention with cleverly designed animation, transitions, and moving texts for the duration of a longer video. So use moving images, slide transitions, and moving texts everywhere you can in your video.

3. Set the right emotion in viewers with sound effects and music
You know what they say about emotions playing a huge role in people’s buying attitude. That is true. With the right kind of music and sound effects, your video can actually guide people’s emotions and prepare them to reach the kind of decision you have in mind for them to make.

So think about using the right sound effects and the appropriate music to go with your video, whenever possible.

4. Help your audience get what they want with a powerful CALL TO ACTION
If you’ve done your job properly, you would have already shown your audience what they want before the end of the video. They should already feel a burning desire to acquire your product or idea.

That’s the time to help them get what they want with a powerful CALL TO ACTION.

At the end of your video squeeze page, tell them what they should do next. You can point them to the section of the video where they will find the link that takes them to the next step. Or you can show them a number or email address to which they can direct their queries.

Remember, to make your video squeeze page work, write a powerful script, use moving images and texts, insert sound effects and background music, and include an effective call to action. If you do this, you will surely top some of the techniques you’ve employed in the past and convert more visitors into buying customers.

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s post with yet another video marketing lesson. We can help you establish video marketing campaigns for your business. To find out more, contact us today.

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