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Viral Video Marketing: How to Optimize a Vlog

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Viral video marketing is all the rage these days because everybody knows video ranks faster and the search engines simply love it. Bloggers are taking advantage of video and going beyond traditional blogging to including video blogging — or vlogging — as part of their Internet marketing efforts.

Vlogging is happening all over the place. And one of the best platforms for vlogging is Google’s very own Yes, I know your eyebrows are probably rising, but the fact is, post Google Penguin, Google is now assigning greater value to authority sites such as Blogger, Tumbler, and LiveJournal.

Piggybacking your content on any one of these sites could be one of the most sensible things to do these days.

Now, we all know is not the most user-friendly blogging platform out there. It has nowhere near the versatility and flexibility of WordPress. But if you learn the basics, you’ll find that is one of the easiest platforms to optimize.

That makes it an ideal platform from which to launch your viral video marketing campaigns. Let’s walk through the steps to optimize a video blog.

Create and properly optimize a YouTube-hosted video

When you’re about to go after hosting for an online video, think YouTube first. That is the default video-sharing site on the Internet, because it’s the biggest — and most important, it’s owned by Google. So you’ll want to upload your video on YouTube in order to feature it in your vlog and get it properly optimized. Here’s how:

By default, the video title and description become the meta title and meta description tags that appear on the search engine results pages. So you want to be sure to include your keywords in the video title and description, as well as on the video tags.

Optimize your blog

Assuming you’ve already created a blog for your vlog on Blogger, in order to optimize it for the keywords you are competing for without going into codes, take the following path:

Blog > Settings > Basic

On the Basic page, you will see a field for the blog’s title and description. By default, whatever title and description you put into these fields will be the title and description that the search engine results show for your vlog.

Optimize your vlog post

This one’s easier; it doesn’t require you to go into the site’s codes. Again, by default, the post’s title and the first 160 characters of the body are the title and description that the search engine results pages will display.

So be clever when you compose the title and first few words of your post. Be sure to include the keywords that you are optimizing the vlog post for.

Embedding your YouTube-hosted video into your vlog post

This one is also simple. To find the code that you need to embed into your vlog post, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your video hosted on YouTube
  2. Below the video, find the button that says “Share”
  3. Click on the button that says “Embed”
  4. A code will be generated for you to embed. Copy this code.
  5. Paste the code on the HTML tab of your vlog post (New post > Compose/HTML tabs).

There you have it. Your own video blog hosted on an authority site.

If this is still a bit technical for the newbie Internet marketer, you can find more tutorials on configuring a Blogger-hosted vlog. Search for “ tutorials” and “embedding video on” on the search engines.

Go ahead and launch your own viral video marketing campaign today by following the steps we’ve just covered … and start attracting more, engaging more, and converting more customers for your business.


There are tons of other great viral video marketing tips that we can offer you. For more information on how to create a successful video marketing campaign, contact us today.

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