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Why Good SEO Is Always a Team Sport

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Some entrepreneurs take on everything by themselves, especially in the early stages of a startup. They handle the entire marketing strategy, including SEO, in the hopes of getting more traffic to their site. Bigger companies might hire a dedicated SEO expert to handle all things related to inbound marketing, but it’s still one person tackling the entire scope of the campaign.

Such approaches can theoretically be useful; in fact, I’ve seen more than a few companies earn valuable page one ranks with only one person doing the behind-the-scenes work. But as a general rule, the most effective SEO campaigns are always better when handled as a team.

Content Production

articleimage1425 Content Production

Content is one of the most important pieces of your SEO campaign, and it can be handled by one person—in theory. But consider this: the most important quality of an ongoing content campaign today is diversity. That means diversity in mediums and formats, diversity in topics, and diversity in approaches. One person might be able to handle that to a reasonable degree, but if you inject a few more voices into the rotation, your diversity can scale greatly.

For example, consider a company with departments of sales, engineering, and operations. Your SEO expert might understand the business pretty well and might be able to write some great content around it. But your engineers will know mechanical specifications of your equipment and products that go beyond your expert’s knowledge. Your operations department will give more insight into the day-to-day business. And your sales team will probably be better acquainted with common concerns and questions that you clients and potential clients come up with. Working together as a team, you can collectively produce better, more informed, more diverse types of content, or at least provide the framework for it.

Social Media and Syndication

articleimage1425 Social Media and Syndication

For most companies, managing social media accounts is not a full-time job. It shouldn’t be. Yet it’s also impossible to be effective on social media if you’re only on it for 10 minutes a day—you’ll miss valuable conversations to get in on, valuable posts to share, and valuable responses will go unattended for hours or days at a time.

The best way to improve your company’s social media coverage is to allow multiple members of your team to log in and check it in between tasks or during other periods of downtime. If 10 people each spend 10 minutes checking for news and responding to follower inquires, you’ll have almost two full hours of coverage, and you’ll have different eyes and voices to diversify your approach.

It’s also valuable to get your employees involved at an individual level. For example, when you share a piece of content on Facebook, have your employees share it on their personal pages. Such a move could instantly open up your content to hundreds to thousands of new eyes instantly—and it only takes a few people a simple click of a button.

Site Troubleshooting

articleimage1425 Site Troubleshooting

Websites are a pain to manage, but it’s worse when you’re doing it alone. If you want to make sure Google can crawl your site (and users can access it), you need to be aware of what’s happening with it at all times. When a page is added or removed, a 301 redirect needs to be established. If your site goes down completely, you need to know immediately and start taking corrective action. If you have a developer on hand, your developer and SEO authority can tag-team the responsibilities, but keep your entire team on watch in case anything unusual happens to your site.

User Experience Testing

articleimage1425 User Experience Testing

When it comes to the user experience of your site, you can never test enough, and you can never make enough improvements. The goals of your designers and your SEO team are one in the same here: make your inbound users as satisfied as possible. This will keep them coming back, and lower your bounce rates, both of which can indicate higher authority to Google. No one person can accurately imagine all the scenarios a user might take throughout the site, and no one person can imagine all the solutions to make your site better. Working as a team, and reviewing the necessary testing data can help you come up with better ideas and catch mistakes faster.

Offsite Link Building

articleimage1425 Offsite Link Building

Finally, consider your link building program. Identifying targets, submitting guest content, requesting permissions, and manually posting are all tedious and time-consuming tasks. If you get your entire team involved, however, the process instantly becomes faster and less of a chore for any one person. In addition, different team members will frequent different sites, meaning you’ll have a key opportunity to uncover new link partners, and as with content, the more diverse your strategy is, the better.

The more people you have involved in your SEO strategy, even if it’s at a distance, the better. You’ll come up with more ideas, you’ll have access to an exponentially wider network, and best of all, nobody will get overworked. Modern SEO can’t be compartmentalized the way it used to be because it can’t be reduced to one or two different strategies. It needs to be approached and considered as a team event, whether you have an in-house team of search marketing experts or a handful of people willing to spend a few extra minutes of their day optimizing your online presence.

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